General goals for event:

1. Enhance competence in the practice of medicine in the tropics

2. Improve quality of care provided to immigrants, refugees, and those travelling and working abroad

What knowledge will participants gain?

1. Refresh knowledge of clinical aspects of tropical diseases

2. Basic familiarity with diagnostic methods, particularly microscopy and medical microbiology

3. Practice obtaining history and eliciting physical findings from patients with tropical illnesses

Are there any practice outcomes to be expected?

1. Improve ability to assess and treat patients in and from the tropics

2. Improve use and interpretation of relevant diagnostic tests

3. Improve inter-cultural sensitivity to psycho-social aspects of tropical diseases


Tropical Medicine is the study of the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases endemic to equatorial environments

Course Content

  • Lectures 30 hours
  • Bedside Discussion 20 hours
  • Laboratory Practicals 14 hours

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Planning Committee: 

Chair: Dr. Michael Libman

         Dr. Kristine Morch

         Dr. Priscilla Rupali


Dr. Dilip Mathai

Dr. O C Abraham

Dr. Bjorn Blomberg

Dr. Rajiv Karthik

Ms. Sathyabama

Mr. Chandrasekar