The annual international Short course in clinical tropical medicine at Christian Medical College Vellore provides an intense, high quality experience of tropical diseases in an endemic location. Now in its' tenth year, the two week course has been highly successful in providing national and international physicians with new skills through a combined clinical, laboratory and lecture-based course. Tropical Medicine is the specialty concerned with diseases endemic to tropical environments, and it includes parasitic, bacterial, viral, fungal, insect-related and zoonotic syndromes. Tropical medicine deals with the challenging and rapidly evolving environment of the developing world. Since world travel has increased to the point that tropical disease is a common presentation in many temperate countries, tropical medicine knowledge is relevant for all infectious diseases specialists around the world. Tropical medicine must be experienced in a tropical location, where students can meet and examine patients and diagnostic and therapeutic challenges can be discussed with the direction of experienced local experts. CMC Vellore provides a unique environment in which technology and resources are available for the complete diagnosis of tropical infections.

14th International Short course in Clinical Tropical Medicine

30th November  - 12th December 2020