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The annual international short course in clinical tropical medicine provides an intense, high quality experience of tropical disease in an endemic location. Now in its’ eighth year, the course has been highly successful in providing national and international physicians with new skills through a combined clinical, laboratory and lecture-based course, held in last two weeks of November. The Christian Medical College provides an excellent case list of tropical infectious diseases, and offers advanced diagnostic capability so that cases are well defined. In addition, the course visits village community development and disease control programs. Lecture topics include HIV, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Helminths, Trypanosomes, Leishmania, Ectoparasites, Enteric Fever, Arthropod-borne viruses, Rickettsia and Leprosy. Visiting international faculty compliment the excellent local professors and teaching is provided in an air conditioned lecture hall, complete with wireless internet access and a library of tropical medicine resources.


Tenth International Short course in Clinical Tropical Medicine


21st November - 03rd December, 2016


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